I Don't Have Time to Practice Organ Playing
Secrets of Organ Playing

I Don't Have Time to Practice Organ Playing

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This is a collection of transcripts from #AskVidasAndAusra Podcast (94 pages). Vol. 2.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this e-book (you'll receive PDF, MOBI or EPUB files to read it on any device):

1. I Don‘t Have Time to Practice
2. What Should Be Practiced And When?
3. About Finger Substitutions And Glissandos
4. What Are The Different Families of Organ Stops And How Do They Work
5. How to Make Appropriate Registrations For Different Kinds of Pieces?
6. How to Improvise With the Pedals?
7. What to Do With the Pedals In Songs That Don't Have Pedals Like Most Hymns?
8. I Want to Be Able to Improvise at Sight
9. I Want to Play the Organ Well
10. How to Develop Hand And Feet Independence?
11. Is It OK to Write Down the Chords Above the Staves?
12. How Can I Read Complex Modern Music Easier?
13. How To Quickly Change Stops By Hand?
14. How To Play Vierne's Finale From Symphony No. 1?
15. Learning Widor Toccata In Time For The Wedding
16. When/How To Use Bourdon 16' In The Manuals?
17. Joblessness Is Holding Back My Concentration When I Practice Organ Playing
18. Movement Of My Left Hand Fingers Always Becomes A Problem
19. Identification Of Sounds To The Appropriate Chords Is A Problem For Me
20. I Would Wish to Become a World-Class Organist

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