Maria Zart by Arnoldt Schlick
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Maria Zart by Arnoldt Schlick

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Maria Zart by Arnoldt Schlick (c. 1455-1460 - after 1521, Germany) from Tabulaturen etlicher Lobgesang (1512), Complete fingering and pedaling edited by Ausra Motuzaite-Pinkeviciene.

Ausra says, it's one of her most favorites early organ music pieces.

​"The beauty of this composition stems from the clear 3-part texture where both hands and feet play different melodic lines. When I play this piece on the organ, I always get the impression that 3 people are singing it. It's true: the vocal version of this piece has 12 stanzas."

This training is free for Total Organist students.

PDF file. 3 pages.

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