Organ Technique Training
Secrets of Organ Playing

Organ Technique Training

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Are you struggling with improving your left hand technique?

Or perhaps you don't know how to learn to play pedal solos easily and efficiently?

Or perhaps you want to develop proper independence between the left hand and pedals?

To help you achieve your goals in organ playing, I have created this audio program which is designed to help you overcome the challenges you are having with specific issues of organ technique.

In these recordings you will find my teaching on many important aspects of organ technique, including:

--> Difference between the piano and organ sound production

--> How to depress and release the keys and pedals correctly
--> How to use finger and pedal preparation
--> How to use finger and pedal glissando
--> How to use finger and pedal substitution
--> How to play pedal solos
--> How to develop finger dexterity
--> Difference between the modern and early organ technique
--> Paired and position fingering for early organ music
--> Interval fingering
--> Chord fingering
--> Alternate toe pedaling technique
--> Same toe technique
--> Developing left hand and feet independence
--> And much more...

You will receive 2 MP3 files (over 2 hours of training) for download.

This training is free for Total Organist students.

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