10 Day Hymn Playing Challenge
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10 Day Hymn Playing Challenge

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Would you like to spend the next 10 days learning the skill of hymn playing? If so, this challenge is for you.

You will receive a PDF score with 10 hymns for the liturgical period of Lent with complete fingering and pedaling written in. 5 hymns will be in the early articulate legato style (composed until 1800's) and 5 - in the Romantic legato style (composed after 1800's).

Master 1 hymn per day for the next 10 days. Feel free to spend more days with each hymn if you want, you don't have to rush it.

Soprano and alto parts will have to be played with the right hand, tenor part - with the left hand and bass - with the pedals. NOTE: just like in any hymnal, the bass part is not written on the separate stave but notated together with the tenor.

Practice process - 15 steps (if you can't sight-read all 4 parts without mistakes right away). Repeat each step until you can play it 3 times in a row without mistakes:

1. Soprano

2. Alto

3. Tenor

4. Bass

5. Soprano-alto

6. Soprano-tenor

7. Soprano-bass

8. Alto-tenor

9. Alto-bass

10. Tenor-bass

11. Soprano-alto-tenor

12. Soprano-alto-bass

13. Soprano-tenor-bass

14. Alto-tenor-bass

15. Soprano-alto-tenor-bass

Please let me know what your practice experience with this training was after 10 days.

Basic level. PDF score - 10 pages. This score is free for Total Organist students.

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