Andante in D Major by Felix Mendelssohn
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Andante in D Major by Felix Mendelssohn

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Would you like to play a beautiful and charming Andante in D Major, MWV W 32 by Felix Mendelssohn?

It's a theme and variations on a very sweet melody. You will love it! 110 percent guaranteed!

It's Ausra's favorite work by Mendelssohn. In fact, she first heard it play on our Vilnius University St John's church organ back in 2007 by the great Swiss organist Guy Bovet.

We both fell in love with this piece at first glance.

And last year she played this piece during our Fantasia Chromatica recital. But days before it, we came into the church to practice and I secretly recorded Ausra's performance from up close so that the hands were clearly visible.

She wasn't very happy about it when she found out I made a recording because my filming interfered with page turning (I held the camera with one hand and with the other turned pages). And I think I missed one or two page turns...

But now she is no longer upset because this recording allowed Jeremy Owens transcribe the fingering and pedaling and produce a nice score for you.

So here it is: 5 Pages. PDF score. Basic level.

This score is free for Total Organist students.

Bellow is the video from our Fantasia Chromatica recital:

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