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Op 39: Festive Processional for Organ (2017)
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Op 39: Festive Processional for Organ (2017)

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(2017-06-05) I have just finished editing my Op. 39 - Festive Processional for organ (4 pages, PDF file). It's dedicated to my friend and colleague Paulius Grigonis, Titular Organist at St Joseph church in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

He will be performing an organ music concert at the Cathedral in Vilnius in the summer of 2017 and he needed a short 3 minute piece to start the event with a joyful mood.

So I thought it would be fun to compose a Festive Processional for this occasion specifically designed for a 3 manual organ (but 2 manuals would work just fine too).

​I hope you'll enjoy this piece!

It starts and ends in C major but who knows what's happening in the middle.

Just kidding...

​It has ABCBA form with C being central and longest episode.

PS People who like tricky rhythms and syncopations will enjoy it a lot...

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