Is It Possible to Learn to Play the Organ When You Are 56 Years Old
Secrets of Organ Playing

Is It Possible to Learn to Play the Organ When You Are 56 Years Old

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This is a collection of transcripts from #AskVidasAndAusra Podcast (91 pages).

Here’s what you’ll learn in this e-book (you'll receive PDF, MOBI or EPUB files to read it on any device):

1. Is It Possible To Learn To Play The Organ When You Are 56 Years Old?
2. How To Keep A Steady Tempo When You Play The Organ?
3. Solving Challenges When Accompanying The Choir On The Organ From The Distance
4. How Realistic Is It To Master A Lot Of Organ And Piano Repertoire In A Short Time?
5. What To Do When Your Pastor Sings Too Loud And Drags The Hymns?
6. Should Organists Study Other Genres And Styles Of Music?
7. How Not To Panic When Playing Organ In Public
8. How Do You Know When To Speed Up And Slow Down In Bach's Pieces To Make It Musical?
9. Must All Verses Of Hymns Be Played At The Same Tempo?
10. Should I Only Double The Voice Part In The Kyrie, Sanctus Etc.?
11. Do You Always Play A Whole Verse For The Introduction Of Hymns?
12. Do You Change Keys For The Last Verse Of Some Hymns?
13. The Head Pastor Told Me He Thinks I "Perform" Rather "Present" The Hymns
14. How To Learn The Correct Technique When You Play The Organ?
15. Are The Crescendo Pedals Worth Using?
16. What's The Best Way To Practice BWV 577?
17. Can Both Hands Play On The Swell When Using Bassoon 16'?
18. What‘s The Best Approach to Learn BWV 572?
19. How Can I Play Consecutive Black Keys On The Pedals In A Legato Articulation?
20. My Progress Is So, So, So Slow!

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