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Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by J.S. Bach

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One of the most popular movements from the cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach is the famous "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring", BWV 147/10. This work was originally composed as a choral part from the Cantata No. 147 sung at the end of parts I and II of this cantata.

Many organists love to play this work for weddings and other joyful occasions. Because of the popularity of this work, there are so many organ versions available which are not necessarily perfect for you. This arrangement for organ in 3 voices will sound very well and will be comfortable to play.

This practice score is fully edited and intended for instructional purposes with complete fingering and pedaling, and suggestions for various performance practice issues, such as articulation, tempo, and registration. In addition, you will find precise step-by-step instructions for everyday practice. Therefore, this score is perfect for study without an instructor.


Discover how  to play and master Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by J.S.Bach on the organ in 10 days or less while working only 30 minutes a day!

A PDF Practice Score by Dr. Vidas Pinkevicius, creator of Secrets of Organ Playing, the most comprehensive organ training site online.


  • Complete fingering
  • Complete pedaling
  • Articulation suggestions
  • Tempo suggestions for practicing and performing
  • Detailed registration indications
  • Step-by-step learning process
  • Perfect for organists with basic organ skills
  • Long time audience favorite
  • One of the sweetest compositions ever created - perfect for weddings, communion, and other quiet and joyful occasions


  • Immediate download of my complete 13 page PDF guidebook with detailed performance practice directions delivered to your email inbox.
  • EXACT practice schedule to master this piece in 10 days
  • Fully edited version of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
  • 100 % secure transaction
  • 30-days-money-back-guarantee!

This training is free for Total Organist students.

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