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Melodic Dictation Master Course Level 1
Secrets of Organ Playing

Melodic Dictation Master Course Level 1

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Do you want to train your ear and develop perfect pitch?
Do you want to better understand music compositions?
Do you want to become a more complete musician?

Sign up for my unique 3 month systematic daily melodic dictation course delivered straight to your inbox and advance in ear training while practicing only 15 minutes a day!


  • You could recognize different musical sounds.
  • You will be able to recognize different modes, intervals, and chords.
  • You could sing various elements of music.
  • You will be able to develop your musical thinking.
  • You will get a deeper understanding of any musical composition.
  • You will become a more complete musician.
  • Concerts will become much more enjoyable for you.
  • You will feel confident, if you need to sing in a company.
  • It will only take about 15 minutes a day of practice - you can even write your dictation during TV commercials!
  • No instrument needed - practice wherever you like - at home, in your office or on the beach!
Here's what you'll receive for the following 90 days:

1) Once a week you will receive melodic dictations to write with specific instructions for each and every day of that week in a MIDI file - for 3 months delivered straight to your email inbox
- listen to it as many times as you like and write on the music stave notation with pencil!

2) Answer keys in a PDF file - you can check and correct your mistakes easily!

3) Unlimited email access to me for the period of the training - if you run into any problems or have a question of any kind - just let me know, I will always be here to help you out. 

If you are not fully satisfied, within 30 days of your subscription you can send me your transaction receipt from PayPal and I will return all of your money. No questions asked. That’s right – 30 days money back guarantee! 

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