Organ Playing Master Course (Level 1)
Secrets of Organ Playing

Organ Playing Master Course (Level 1)

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Is the standard organ repertoire too difficult for you?
Are you a beginner struggling to find the right set of exercises to master organ playing?
Do you want to advance in playing the organ in a proven step-by-step manner?
Do you want to learn both legato and articulated style of playing in ONE course? 



This is a 12 week course which includes single-voice exercises in a PDF format for each of the days of the week delivered once a week to your email inbox. The exercises are arranged in gradually increasing level of difficulty (with the ascending number of accidentals and gradually smaller rhythmical values).

The exercises alternate between the articulate legato style (for early music composed up to about 1800, like pieces from the Baroque and Renaissance periods) and modern legato style (for Romantic and Modern organ music) so that you could learn both vital techniques at the same time.

You will also get an unlimited email access to me during the course of this program. If you need help with anything - simply write me a message and I'll will help you out.

Curriculum of the course:

Weeks 1-2: Exercises with whole-note rhythms
Weeks 3-4: Exercises with half-note rhythms
Weeks 5-6: Exercises with quarter-note rhythms
Weeks 7-10: Exercises with eighth-note rhythms
Weeks 11-12: Exercises with sixteenth-note rhythms

This training is free for Total Organist students.

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