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Organ Sight-Reading Master Course
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Organ Sight-Reading Master Course

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Are you are tired of watching others sight-read advanced organ music effortlessly while you struggle even with the most basic tasks?

Do you know what is the secret of world-class concert organists when they can master any piece of organ music without any problem fast?

You have probably guessed it right - it's their unbeatable ability at sight-reading. Although organ playing requires many different complex skills, sight-reading is among 8 the most important ones, the other 7 being organ technique (manual and pedal), organ repertoire, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, improvisation, and organ registration.

Do you want to be able to sight-read any piece of organ music effortlessly?

Are you frustrated because it is hard for you to read three lines of the organ score?

Are you frustrated because you don’t know how to get better at reading music at the organ?

I understand how you feel. Starting from December of 2011  I have written hundreds of instructional articles about how to play the organ, helping people to overcome their problems and achieve their goals in organ playing. Through the communication with the readers of my articles I discovered that many people struggle with the most  basic tasks in organ playing – reading three lines of organ scores, playing organ pieces smoothly without interruption, playing all the voices independently, playing the organ effortlessly, developing good practice habits, and other important skills.

Because  of my extensive 20+ years of studying, research, practicing, performance, and training with some of the best experts in this field, most notably with Dr. Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra at Eastern Michigan University, Dr. Quentin Faulkner and Dr. George Ritchie at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I was able to create a crystal-clear system of learning any piece I wanted – including some of the most difficult works by Buxtehude, Bach, Vierne, Reger, Dupre, Durufle, Messiaen, and Franck, to name just a few.

So I have decided to help struggling organists even more and created Organ Sight-Reading Master Course
. This course is based on the magnificent work of J.S.Bach – “The Art of the Fugue” and various organ compositions by Bach. The cycle of "The Art of the Fugue" consisting of 15 fugues and 4 canons is a tour de force of contrapuntal imitative writing style. In fact, it is like a practical treatise on the Fugue.

In original, it is notated in an open score notation, using 4 different clefs: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. I have personally applied my system of learning sight-reading on this composition and learned to play it from the original notation with all those different clefs.

In addition, my perfected skill at sight-reading allowed me to prepare and perform 7 full recitals with different music over the last 8 months - that's about 6 hours of non-stop solo organ music (excluding a concert with advanced choral accompaniments and a CD recording all done at the same time period). So, if you want to develop the sight-reading skills that I have - this course will be perfect for you.

Organ Sight-Reading Master Course is designed to be taken over nine months, however you can work to your own pace, there are no deadlines.

Description: This course is targeted to organists who struggle with reading three lines of organ music. It is perfect for organists who want to get better at reading music on the organ but don't have much practice time available.

I make the process of learning a new work simple, easy, and fast. This course is arranged in such a way that if you just play it from the beginning to the end, you are bound to succeed. It is like staying on the train tracks when going from place A to place B – just stick to the tracks and I will lead you to your goal.

-->    For your convenience all practice material is written using the treble and bass clefs only. You will not have to struggle with the advanced 3 kinds of C clefs.

-->    The exercises are arranged in a systematic graded order progressing from the most easiest to the most complex. That's where many people fail in learning sight-reading. They try to play advanced pieces and complext 4-part organ texture at the early stage of their development right away. On the contrary, with my method you will be surprised how easy this learning process can be.
Click here to see an example of the practice material for Week 1 - Day 1

-->    If you don't like the dry nature of exercises - this course is perfect for you. All of the practice material in this course is taken from actual Bach compositions - the music will never sound dull, dry or boring.

-->    The practicing of the daily exercises should not take more than 15 minutes of your time. You can even practice during a TV commercial while watching a movie! The real progress in my course comes not from long hours of practicing every day but from the regular and wise practice over the period of nine months.

-->    After the completion of this course, you will be able to sight-read  any organ piece of J.S.Bach effortlessly. That's right - it can be a free work, such as a prelude, toccata, fantasia, fugue etc. or chorale-based piece, like chorale prelude, chorale variations, or chorale fantasia and even the notorious trio sonatas - you name it.

-->    Advanced sight-reading skills will let you master any organ composition up to 10 times faster. If your current learning speed is something like 10 days for two pages of organ music, after nine months, you will be able to master such a work in just 1 day with no effort from your part at all.

-->    Because of the practice methods of this course you will not have ANY problem in hymn-playing. Hymn-playing is a must for any church organist. However many people find it difficult to sight-read at least 4 different new hymns for every Sunday church service. Although this course is not about hymn-playing, sight-reading any hymn will be a piece of cake after completion of this course. In fact, you will have such a skill that you will not need to prepare for hymn-playing at all.

-->    Unlimited personal email access to me during the period of this course. If you get into any problem along the way or have a question of any kind, just ask me - I'll be always here to help you out.

Deliverables: Once a week you will receive practice material with specific instructions for each and every day of that week - for more than 9 months (40 weekly PDF lessons total). Works perfectly for articulate legato Baroque polyphonic music.

BONUSES: To make this program more complete, at the end of this course, you will also get 7 weekly bonus trainings to perfect your legato sight-reading skills for chromatic romantic music.
Is this course right for your level?

Click here to see an example of the practice material for Week 1 - Day 1
In fact, print it out and you can start practicing right away.

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