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Pedal Virtuoso Master Course
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Pedal Virtuoso Master Course

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Become an Organ Pedal Virtuoso and Perfect Your Pedal Technique!

A Simple Yet Powerful Method, Easy to Implement While Working Only 15 Minutes a Day. Anyone Can Do it. Continue Reading to Find Out...

What kind of difference it would make in your life, if you had a perfect pedal technique?

What if you could play any kind of pedal part of any organ piece you wanted?

Would that change things for you?

Picture yourself sitting on the organ bench being able to play not only your favorite pedal solos of Buxtehude and Bach organ works but also complicated and chromatic lines of Romantic organ composers.

Or how about flying pedal parts of French symphonic composers, such as Widor and Vierne?

Or even seemingly unplayable double pedal parts of Max Reger
's chorale fantasias and sonatas?

How would you feel, if you could play all that with confidence, precision, fluency and ease?

How would you feel, if you would know the exact principles for writing in pedaling in complicated organ compositions?

I know, it's not easy to figure it all out on your own and become a pedal virtuoso.

But first, let me ask you this:
Are you trying to build up your organ technique but keep struggling with the most basic tasks?

Are you frustrated with how long does it take to learn the organ compositions which have pedal parts in them?

Or perhaps in the past you really liked playing multiple instruments - strings, wind instruments, different keyboard instruments. But in reality - you can't play well enough any of them. So if you go to study organ with the same mentality - you will find it really difficult to succeed.

Or perhaps you learn one piece by trying really hard, then you take another piece and it seems like this is an endless story - same problems, same frustration?

Or maybe you are having a hard time in figuring out how to write in the pedaling in advanced pedal lines?

I know exactly how you feel. In fact, pedal playing was a mystery for me at the beginning of my organist career. I've heard teachers say, like "it doesn't matter whether you play it with the toe or with the heel, with the right or with the left foot, just play the right notes".

And it really frustrated me because I felt like there should be a system of playing the pedal parts in organ composition. I new there should be some method which would allow me to perfect my pedal technique.

But it seems like many many organists are struggling with pedal playing nowadays. In fact, when I traveled to different parts of my country of Lithuania with educational organ demonstrations, many times I have seen the organs with the pedal boards completely covered by a wooden box or at least a carpet which means that local organists did not use the pedals at all.

And it saddened me because I wish they new the secret which would let them develop their pedal playing skills even up to the basic level.

But the truth is - it is very difficult to figure it all by yourself without having a mentor, a teacher or instructor whom you can trust to guide you.

It's Not Easy to Perfect Your Pedal Playing Skills on Your Own

Is that what happened to you?

Have you been trying really hard and practicing for hours with little or no success?

Does your organ practice feel like banging on the wall sometimes to you?

You see, if you play the pieces that you love which have even easy organ parts, you're really have to work very hard because normally pedal playing is a completely new skill that any organist has to master.

Majority of people get to know the organ after they have had some experience with piano and they just don't know how to use their feet the right way and efficient.

At first, they have to try to play the notes in the pedals with large note values, like half notes, using toes only. Then they progress to quarter notes and learn how to use their heels.

It is even more difficult, if you open the score of the Bach trio sonata or a fugue, where you can see running sixteenths in the bass part.

But There Is an Answer:

Perhaps the most famous organist of the 20th century, the Frenchman Marcel Dupre once wrote that the secret to the perfect pedal technique is the flexibility of an ankle. Here I would like to tell you a little story about Dupre when he was a teenager. This story is of course related to pedal technique, as you will see.

In his youth, Dupre used to practice a lot on the piano. If fact, the very first piano pieces that he learned was from the collection called "Musical ABC". It consisted of as many little pieces as there are letters in the French alphabet. So Dupre learned them all during one summer.

When he started to play the organ, one time he cut one of his wrists on the broken glass. The cut was quite dangerous - only millimeters away from the main nerves of the hand. So for some months he could not play the organ with his hands. Did he gave it up?

No, he started practicing the pedal playing. In fact, he was so furious that he could not play with his hands and as he wrote later, he started playing the pedals with vengeance.

By the way, all these months he practiced pedal scales and arpeggios. He became so good at them that he could play any musical passage with his feet on the pedals.

Of course, we all know about how good are scales and arpeggios for our finger technique. Some people practice them regularly. However, pedal scales are underused, and not too many organists know their real value: they help to achieve the flexibility of an ankle.

No wonder why organists of the French school develop an unbeatable pedal technique. We all have heard stories of French women organists playing with incredible high heels unbelievably hard pedal line with ease and elegance. This is how they achieve that level of mastery: they practice pedal scales and arpeggios.

However, unlike scales and arpeggios for the hands, pedal scales and arpeggios have never been systematized and each author has his/her own solution to pedaling. This is why many of the "good methods" in playing scales are so inefficient and uncomfortable for the feet.

My Personal Story:

Before I share with you the specifics of the system which will perfect your pedal technique and let you to play advanced pedal lines fluently and effortlessly, let me tell you a little bit about my experience in helping others to advance in organ playing.

Starting from December of 2011 I have written hundreds of instructional articles about how to play the organ, helping people to overcome their problems and achieve their goals in organ playing.

Through the communication with the readers of my articles I discovered that many people struggle with the most  basic tasks in organ playing – reading three lines of organ scores, playing organ pieces smoothly without interruption, playing all the voices independently, playing the organ effortlessly, developing good practice habits, and other important skills.

Because  of my extensive 20+ years of studying, research, practicing, performance, and training with some of the best experts in this field, most notably with Dr. Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra at Eastern Michigan University, Dr. Quentin Faulkner and Dr. George Ritchie at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I was able to create a crystal-clear system of learning any piece I wanted – including some of the most difficult works by Buxtehude, Bach, Vierne, Reger, Dupre, Durufle, Messiaen, and Franck, to name just a few.

Over the course of the last 8 months I have taught, advised, and coached hundreds of people to help them reach their goals in organ playing. And one of the most resounding comments from my clients I hear is this...

"I need help with my pedal technique, fluency and efficiency. Please help me with my accuracy in pedal playing".

And of course, I would advice them, teach them but the truth is - they needed a special system of pedal playing exercises which would take their pedal technique to completely different level.

This is exactly why I have created this course.

Introducing My Pedal Virtuoso Master Course

Pedal Virtuoso Master Course is designed to be taken over 3 months, however you can work to your own pace, there are no deadlines.

This course is targeted to organists who struggle with pedal playing.
I am including major and minor scales and arpeggios on the most important chords in 24 different keys over one octave and over two octaves plus special exercises for double pedal parts for developing a perfect pedal technique.

Even more importantly, you will have the exact instructions for the best execution and practice of these exercises.

Moreover, I have included the exact efficient pedaling for EVERY pedal note of each and every exercise so that you will not have to guess which foot, right or left, heel or toe must play it.

You will literally have access to hundreds of invaluable special exercises which worked for me so well and helped me to become what I am today in organ playing.

And the Good News Is... You Can Do It, Too!

I want to share my success story with you and empower you to have the real success you deserve in organ playing.

Imagine for a second, if you could also, just like me, play the pedal parts of these Bach trio sonatas, chromatic pedal lines of different Romantic compositions, and even the seemingly unplayable Dupre, Reger, and Vierne.

And all this would be so easy for you that you just couldn't believe that 3 months ago you just struggled with the most basic tasks.

Well, That's What Taking This Course Is Going to Do for You

If you just take the steps necessary, if you will complete honestly your daily assignments, in 3 months from now you can be proud of achieving seemingly impossible feat - perfecting your pedal technique.

Would you like to learn the exact techniques and develop your ankles in such a way, that you will be able to play even complex trills with both feet at the same time?

Would you like to practice the exact exercises with the same pedaling which helped me to perfect my own pedal technique?

Would you like to know my special powerful methods which I use in writing in pedaling in advanced pedal lines?

Well, this is my exact system, my exact formula that I will be teaching you which you can take advantage of if you want to.

Here is What Some of My Students Say About This Course:

Camilla Allison (UK):
"You have asked me for honest feedback for your Virtuoso Pedal Course.
The pedal fingerings are very flexible, insofar as they allow flexibility of the mind and independence of feet and hands.
The offshoot of this is self-confidence in one’s ability to play the organ.  Having struggled for years to gain a good pedal technique without much success, the gaps have been filled.  However, one must be prepared for a  serious commitment  to hard work, which in the early days can seem  tortuous.  Attention to details is very necessary and assure the truly amazing benefits of organ pedal accuracy.

On the practical side, I have practiced week two – 2 octave scales -  religiously alongside the arpeggios in their various forms.  I found after week 4 that I needed this movement to secure a better body balance and posture.   This has been my personal  nemesis and therefore, may not be universal.  I am now in the position that I can pick up a piece of organ music and look forward to playing on a strange pedal without showing  all the symptoms of a nervous breakdown. 

The latter is extremely important to me as a freelance musician, in these straightened times, ones needs every skill one has to increase one’s earning ability and enjoyment.  One also realizes that the more one knows the less one knows!
Therefore, in conclusion, the Pedal Virtuoso Course is what it says in the title.  I recommend it to anybody. 
I have tried the experiment of preparing the Bach 560  prelude and Fugue for an audition this afternoon.  This would have been impossible three months ago.  After the pedal solo the hands and feet in all directions were impossible to get together, now they are much improved and on a ‘good day with the wind behind me’ everything more or less is correct."

John Higgins (Australia):
"The pedal master course, yes, it has been a wonderful learning experience! You are right it is make or break! As I said I was close to ‘breaking’, but I kept going because I trusted your advice and you have done so much to help me, and now I am starting to reap the benefits of this hard work!"

Francher Donaldson (Camas, Washington, USA)
I found the material in this course to be extremely beneficial to me at this point in my development…I would describe myself as an “advanced beginner” in Organ playing.

Your Pedal Master Course has improved the speed and accuracy of my pedal playing most dramatically (and, therefore, my confidence)…so much so, that I am making it part of my daily practice routine.

I’m now practicing Week 3 for the second time, and am amazed at the improvement."

Rory O'Brien (Ireland):
When I started this pedal course I was an absolute beginner on pedals, so the learning curve was quite steep, but after two months I could play simple tunes without looking at my feet. I also found my feet improvising small solo flourishes for the joy of it! After three months I was comfortable improvising discreet bass notes in hymns at a rate of about one per bar. After about four months I had gained an ability to slowly read and play full sequences of pedal notes completely different from the notes in the hands, and this continues to grow. It is a pleasure to say sincere thanks!"

Stephen Vinson (USA):
"I too have found "improvement" in my ability to play accurately and better 
agility in navigating the pedal keyboard.

I plan to repeat the exercises beginning with first week... however I 
decided to repeat the double pedal exercises first.. so I've started with week 9 
and working thru again.

I continue to do all the scales both major and harmonic minor in each 
practice session

I practice on average an hour each day for pedals, oh and THANK you, Vidas for all your help."

My Exact Practice System

There are 12 parts in this course:

1. Major and minor scales in 24 keys over one octave
2. Major and minor scales in 24 keys over two octaves
3. Arpeggios of the tonic chord in 24 keys over one octave
4. Arpeggios of the tonic chord in 24 keys over two octaves
5. Arpeggios of the diminished seventh chord in 24 keys over one octave
6. Arpeggios of the diminished seventh chord in 24 keys over two octaves
7. Arpeggios of the dominant seventh chord in 24 keys over one octave
8. Arpeggios of the dominant seventh chord in 24 keys over two octaves
9. Major and minor scales in 24 keys in double pedals over one octave
10. Arpeggios of the tonic chord in 24 keys in double pedals over one octave
11. Arpeggios of the diminished seventh chord in 24 keys in double pedals over one octave
12. Arpeggios of the dominant seventh chord in 24 keys in double pedals over one octave

Once a week you will receive practice material with specific instructions for each and every day of that week - for 3 months delivered straight to your email inbox.

The exercises are arranged in a systematic graded order progressing from the most easiest to the most complex. That's where many people fail in building their pedal technique. On the contrary, with my method you will be surprised how easy this learning process can be.

The practicing of the daily exercises should not take more than 15 minutes of your time. You can even practice during a TV commercial while watching a movie! The real progress in my course comes not from long hours of practicing but from the regular and wise practice over the period of 3 months.

You will also have unlimited personal email access to me during the period of this course. This is truly invaluable. If you get into any problem along the way or have a question of any kind, just ask me - I'll be always here to help you out.
You Can Copy My Success Step By Step

Imagine having developed a perfect pedal technique when you can play whatever you want with your feet (including the Flight of the Bumblebee).

If you had such pedal technique what would you play?

Would you choose advanced organ trio sonatas, prelude and fugues by Bach or perhaps works of Reger, Widor, and Vierne? You could even play the modern pieces by Langlais, Messiaen, Tournemire, Alain, Durufle, or Dupre - literally anything you could imagine.

In fact, you could compose your own pieces and play them with ease - many of my clients say they wish they had a pedal technique and a skill to perform what they wrote.

And the best part of my system is that you can do it in a step by step manner, knowing that if you complete the steps for today, they get you closer to your goal every day, one step at a time.
Get In At a Fraction of What This Course Is Actually Worth

So let’s talk about the price. Because I have provided you with the EXACT information you need with powerful exercises to master pedal playing on the organ and this course is based on my 20+ years of experience in performance, research, education, and training, I simply think this course is an invaluable resource for you, if you want to achieve a high level in organ playing.

I consider this course as a personal coaching where I take you by the hand and help you overcome any difficulty, any problem, and any obstacle you might encounter in your way towards perfecting your skills in organ pedal playing.

If you wanted to learn such skill from me personally, your total investment would be at least $2400. But not everyone can afford that, right?

However, because I want to create as many success stories as possible, I have decided to lower the price significantly.

I am NOT going to charge you $2400 for this exclusive master course

or $1200...

or $600...

or even $300...

Instead, for a limited time only I will let you take this course for
only $179,

Your No Risk 100% Money Back Offer

Your purchase is 100% secure and protected by PayPal so you can have a peace of mind.

And I have so much confidence in the quality and value of my course that if you are not fully satisfied, within 30 days of your order you can send me your transaction receipt from PayPal and I will return all of your money. No questions asked. That’s right – 30 days money back guarantee! 

Don’t wait, go ahead and sign up for my Pedal Virtuoso Master Course for only $179 now
. You have nothing to lose, only to gain. This course will give you a strong foundation to your success in organ playing.

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