Sweelinck Da Pacem, Domine
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Sweelinck Da Pacem, Domine

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Would you like to learn Da Pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris by the great Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621)?

If so, this score is for you because it will save you many hours of frustration. I have created early fingering for every single note which will allow you to achieve articulate legato automatically, almost without thinking. 

This set consists of 4 variations (manualiter only, no pedals):

Variation 1: Bicinium with the chorale melody (cantus firmus) in the soprano

Variation 2: Trio with the chorale melody in the tenor

Variation 3: Quartet with the chorale melody in the alto

Variation 4: Quartet with the chorale melody in the bass

Note that these four settings are perfect example for anybody wants to creatively play hymn accompaniments. You too, can create duets, trios, and quartets from any hymn tune and place the melody in ANY voice.

Thanks to Alan who meticulously transcribed the fingering from my videos.

Intermediate level. PDF score (4 pages). This score is free for Total Organist students.

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