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The Herring Lived on Dry Land, Op. 149 (Organ Duet) by Vidas Pinkevicius (2022)

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This fun organ duet (4 hands, 2 fee) is based on a beloved Estonian folk song "Heeringas" which talks about the herring which lived on dry land and liked to eat salt. She also used to catch mice and rodents and basically was regarded as a pet. This one time she accidentally ate through the board of the trading ship which carried bags of salt. The ship sank and the salt spilled into the sea. Then god of the sea, Neptune, banished poor herring to live under the water and that's how sea water became salty. This piece will be a fun addition to any recital program and could serve as an excellent encore. Dedicated to Ines Maidre. Ausra and I recorded it on the Kolbe organ at St Elisabeth church in Pärnu, Estonia. Hope you will enjoy it!

6 pages. Basic level.

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