Become an Organist
Secrets of Organ Playing

Become an Organist

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This course is for people who are stuck and have met significant challenges on their way to achieving their dreams in organ playing.

Here the topics we will cover in these videos:

1. Creating a vision, goals, and plan for organists
2. How to practice efficiently
3. Organ sight-reading
4. Hymn playing
5. Preparing for public performance
6. How to deal with performance anxiety, mistakes, and adjusting to different organs
7. Connecting with your listeners in a practical way
8. Recovering from mistakes during performance and how to deal with people's feedback after performance
9. What is successful performance and how to reach a concert tempo in a piece that you currently can play only slowly
10. Writing in fingering and practicing trills
11. Creating interludes between different hymns
​12. How to practice finger substitution and technical exercises
13. How to start learning chorale improvisation

I hope to help you reach your dreams in organ playing.

This training is free for Total Organist students.

To your success,
​Vidas Pinkevicius

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